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Praise for We Won’t Fade Into Darkness

The vivid, awe-inducing futurescapes in TJ Benson’s We Won’t Fade into Darkness startle you with spine-tingling visions of a post-apocalyptic, technology-reconfigured Africa. The sterling qualities of TJ Benson’s writing will earn his stories comparison with stellar works imbued with similar virtues—the oneiric, fable-like texture of Italo Calvino’s Cosmicomics and the chilling dystopianism of George Orwell’s 1984, for instance. Essentially though, TJ Benson’s resolute centring of Nigeria in his projections of the future, his clipped precision of utterance and his idiosyncratic imagination make his fictional universe patently his.

-Rotimi Babatunde


This collection features 13 excellent short stories that set new boundaries in terms of theme, narration and style. In each story, TJ Benson takes the reader on unbelievable journeys that are hard to ignore but easy to get lost in. It is a literary masterpiece released by Paressia.

– Bamas Victoria


We Won’t Fade into Darkness is a collection of fascinating stories whose common thread is hope. TJ Benson who is a Nigerian writer and creative photographer makes a statement with this brilliant book.

– Channels Tv Bookclub